TEDxUppsalaUniversity wouldn’t be the same without the live audience!

It might be an international event where talks watched over 10 000 times are filmed but it is also an extraordinary place to meet, learn, network, share, laugh and get new insights. Every year we release 100 tickets and here you got a small FAQ that will hopefully make you one of those delighted ticket-holders!


Q: When and where is the event?
A: November 25th at Humanistiska Teatern (Engelska Parken), Uppsala. 

Q: How do I get a ticket for TEDxUppsalaUniversity?
A: First, we are only allowed by TED to sell 100 tickets and since there is 100+ people that wish to come you cannot buy a ticket but you have to apply for buying one.

Q: Ok, but how do I apply for one?
A: On the 25 of October 9 (Open now) a form will be posted on this webpage and on all of or social media cannels. The form will be up for two weeks so it will be closed on the 8th of November. Fill out that form!

Q: When do I know if I will be offered a ticket?
A: You will receive a welcoming e-mail with payment info on November 10th or November 16th.

Q: How much are the tickets and when do I have to pay?
A: Regular tickets are 300 sek and student tickets are 250 sek. You have to pay the ticket within three days after we have sent you an e-mail or we will offer the ticket to someone else.

Q: What is included in a ticket?
A: A full-day event (12-19:30 plus after chill) with the filming of 7 talks, food and fika for the entire day, a well thought through goodie bag and several side experiences.

Q: How do you choose who can come?
A: First we anonymize the entire list by removing the names of applicants so we don’t get biased. Then we look at the text answers given and choose the applications with the most interesting stories and the most effort put into them.

Q: I cannot find my question here. What now?
A: If you cannot find the answer of your question don’t hesitate to send us a question through our Facebook page or to this e-mail: Corrie.Hammar@gmail.com