Also known as: the soul and blood of TEDxUppsalaUniversity

TEDxUppsalaUniversity believe that “ideas worth spreading” can be found all across society and in all disciplines. After months of background checking, interviewing, coaching and draft writing TEDxUppsalaUniversity can proudly present seven speakers – each and every one with an idea worth a stage.

Field: Economics

Name: Johanna Rickne

Johanna Rickne is an Associate Professor in Economics at the Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University, and a researcher at the Department of Government at Uppsala University. Her research is in labor economics, political economics, and gender economics. Her research on gender quotas has been published in top academic journals in both economics and political science. As a researcher on the economics of couple formation, she is often asked to give relationship advice. Next to this she has a fascination for samba music, cats and learning languages and cultures, especially those in North East Asia.


Field: Gaming

Name: Patrick Prax

Proudly introducing our second speaker for this year´s TEDxUppsalaUniversity event, Patrick Prax!

Patrick Prax is an assistant professor in game design and researcher at the National Swedish Museum of Science and Technology. Patrick is investigating digital games from an interdisciplinary perspective of media studies and game studies. In addition, he is interested in the development of player´s co-creation to game design. With four children at home he is painfully aware that they will soon beat him in every game there is.


Field: Nano science

Name: Sara Frykstrand

After graduating from a master of chemical engineering program at Uppsala University, Sara Frykstrand pursued a PhD in Engineering Science with specialization in Nanotechnology and Functional Materials. Her passion for travelling, skiing and cooking didn’t stand in the way of great research, because in her first year, she was part of a team that invented a new material, Upsalite®.


Field: Astronomy

Name: Erik Zackrisson

Erik Zackrisson is an associate professor in Astronomy at Uppsala University. He spends most of his time studying distant galaxies, the mysterious dark matter and the birth of black holes. He also has a keen interest in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Besides his profession, Erik likes writing fiction, hanging out in old-school video game arcades and to invent recipes for bizarrely unhealthy food together with his kids.


Field: Honor based violence

Name: To be released…

In the mean time you can watch this TED-talk about nonviolent resistance campaigns and women (spoiler: they are more successful)

Field: Interdisciplinary innovation

Name: To be released…

In the mean time you can watch this TED-talk about procrastination.

Field: Changing values

Name: To be released…

In the mean time you can watch this TED-talk on contagious memes. A warning though: it’s a bit scary.