The soul and blood of TEDxUppsalaUniversity

TEDxUppsalaUniversity believe that “ideas worth spreading” can be found all across society and in all disciplines. After months of background checking, interviewing, coaching and draft writing TEDxUppsalaUniversity can proudly present our speakers – each and every one with an idea worth a stage.

Camolie –Performance Designer & Consultant

Camolie is born Swedish, but grew up internationally and currently lives and works in London, UK. She works with Onfido as the Team Assistant to the executive team and applies her knowledge of Performance Psychology on a daily basis. Creativity and connection has paved the path for her life and as a teenager she was preparing for a professional career in dance. At the age of 19 she was burnt out and through yoga, #mindfulness and performance psychology she has realized the innate need for creativity for humans and strives to live accordingly. 


Linus – Professor

Linus Sandegren is an associate professor/senior lecturer in medical microbiology at Uppsala University. He works with the fascinating world of bacterial evolution and have a special interest in how bacteria share genes with each other and how this helps them to develop antibiotic resistance.

In his talk he will take you on a journey to show how surprisingly fast
bacterial evolution can be and how this took the scientific community by surprise.

Haisam – Founder & CEO

Haisam Mohammed is the 22-year-old CEO and co-founder of a creative agency working in the landscape of pop culture, PR, design, and business values. His company, BRONS, aims to learn how the consumer of tomorrow will behave.

Starting his first brand at the age of 16, Haisam has always had a passion for merging business and creativity. He is now on a mission to broaden the perspective and representation of the communication industry by giving a platform to young and upcoming talents that live in the outer city part of Stockholm.

Despite his young age, Haisam is a well awarded and trustworthy advisor to numerous boards and has helped companies recognize and work towards a more inclusive workforce. Haisam represents the new generation of entrepreneurs that bring in values such as equality, social sustainability, and flexibility into the foundations of their business.”


Lisa – People & Culture Partner

Lisa likes to take an unconventional approach to building culture and development at work. The last ten years within HR she has been weaving her way through work to try understanding why people are so unhappy at the place they are at the most. Through her talk she will explore the idea of how work can show up for us and how we can show up for work in order to feel fulfilled and happy.

Tomas – Professor

Tomas Edvinsson is a professor in Solid State Physics at the Department of Engineering Sciences, Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, Sweden, directing a research group working on low dimensional materials for solar cells, water purification, and solar fuels. He is the author of 100+ scientific publications and project leader for several national projects from the Swedish research council, the Swedish Energy Agency, and work package leader in a European H2020 project within solar fuels.  When not working, he likes to spend time with family and friends and play bass in two local bands. Tempus fugit in gratia.


Kieran – Chief Digital Officer

In a retail world where everyone is trying to catch up with Amazon’s mission statement to “offer customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience.” Is there another way?

Kieran will be using his 15 years experience in digital business to highlight how the occasional “Error 404” gave the first insights into how scarcity combined with projective individualism, strike at the core cognitive fallacies of being human, fuel a $6BN market, and show that understanding needs, wants and desires can compete with endless automatisation and optimisation.

Fredrik – Business Director

Fredrik’s  mission is to build a planet positive future. He works on leveraging science and business to course correct the economy from eating the living world to instead stand in service of it. 

He is the co-founder of Planethon, a planet-innovation company that turns Earth science into business opportunities solving our most urgent problems. Fredrik is a longstanding collaborator of the Stockholm #Resilience Centre, a 2016 Echoing Green fellow and co-founder of From Air, Uniforms for the Dedicated and The Rag-Bag.