Previous TEDx events in Uppsala

The first TEDx event in Uppsala was hosted in 2013 and ever since there has been an annual gathering where people from all parts of society has met and listened to ideas worth spreading. Here you can find the talks from all of those previous years.




Every time we take a decision or an action we do it based on the answer of the question “Why?” Now, we want to ask – Why Not?

A stuntwomans thoughts on why girls should kick more ass
Nilla Hansson
Incentives, control or trust?
Laura Hartman
The ever-changing eternal evil
Petter Spjut & Natalie Lantz
Can we bond with robots?
Ginevra Castellano
Why men live shorter lives
Lars Forsberg
Success is in the eye of the beholder
Natalia Murobha



Ripples! We’re talking domino effects, waves and how small things can have a big impact.

All the single ladies: Impact of job promotions on divorce
Johanna Rickne
Filling the void: a discovery on nanoscale
Sara Frykstrand
Vulnerability as a key to confidence. A story of resilience
Imad Elabdala
The Players make the Game – Co-creative Game Design
Patrick Prax
Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Erik Zackrisson
Football as a way to integration
Sevana Bergström
The rise of Modern Values
Pontus Strimling



Look twice meant that we were looking for ideas that are worth a second look, give a new perspective on the ordinary, something that’s so small that it takes a second look to see its true intricacy, or just something so beautiful that you can’t help but look twice.

Cities Meant For People or People Meant For Cities?
Robin Rushdi Al-Sálehi
Saying hi is worth a thousand words
Emma Rosman
Choice blindness
Petter Johansson
Be Guided By Your Fears
Malin Bobeck
The importance of internet in elderly homes
Birgitta Jonsson
Soccermatics: how maths explains football
David Sumpter
Beyond words
Johan Lundell



The term U-Turn is an enigma. The world is not a straight and narrow road. In the course of everyone’s life, there is a change of direction, and there is a turning point. It could be for the better, it could be for the worse but one thing’s for sure, it made an impact. Making a U-Turn is about going against the grain, refusing to conform and taking the road less traveled.

Out of the darkness
Ewa Stackelberg
From Ecocide to Ecolibrium: The Great Turning
Polly Higgins
Coping with the involuntary U-Turn
Nina Cavalli-Björkman
Communication in a mass communication society
Joakim Medin
“Women and Children First” or “Every Man For Himself”?
Oscar Erixson
Walking with Robots – A life rescued must also be lived
Lina Sors Emilsson
It’s Congo calling
Jill Trenholm
Sensuous Learning
Gry Worre Hallberg



Who Cares? With this provocative and playful approach, we want to reflect on today’s world and leave room for everyone to find their own answer. We all have something that matters to us; family, the environment, career, human rights, justice, victims in wars and conflicts, or finding happiness. But do we care enough to make a change?

To see & to be seen
Ida Lod
Rethinking clinical thinking
Martin Wehlou
How ‘naming and shaming’ is a step towards gender equality
Amanda Lundeteg
Reason leads to conclusion, emotion leads to action
Malin Forsgren
The cornerstones of modern medicine are crumbling
Otto Cars
What does ‘clean’ mean?
Jan Cihlar
How to be a more effective agent of change
Alan AtKisson
Who cares about democracy?
Dougald Hine & Lisa Farnström



The 1st ever TEDxUppsalaUniversity! Societal challenges are global, interdependent and increasingly complex. They require systems, societies and individuals to be able to respond with greater flexibility, speed and creativity.
In the face of so many challenges how resilient are we really?

A spirit of resilience could go a long way
Walid Al-Saqaf
Revolutionising economics education
Timothée Parrique
Resilient fund management
Filippa Bergin
Are we bankrupting nature?
Johan Rockström
How do we avoid bankrupting nature?
Anders Wijkman
Crowdsourcing gender equality
Lina Thomsgård
Heroes we carry with us
Brian Palmer
Happiness for lazy people
Sven Heijbel