Melanie Hadjikhani

Marketing Coordinator

The best way to put me is in front of a campfire.

I love to deal with loads of things at the same time but also to do just nothing at all. What strikes me everyday of life is that when I feel surprised I know that my perspectives have been limited.

Did you know… some researchers say that aggression is increasing with the pace of heat. So I guess this means violence will increase with global warming??

After many hours of reflecting about global warming.. I figured that since the ices are melting.. water flowing.. and I am a really bad swimmer – I actually need to cool down this place = I need to be reeallyy slow and boooring, otherwise me and all bad swimmers will be gone, I guess?? A really nice option is also to stay together bringing each other up.. stay happy and enjoy what we do. If it doesn’t fill you with joy and progress – go find it 😉 and we should always do what we do -with 💜