Katinka Michal

Event Coordinator

TEDxUU, well, I tried it once and then I was in love. This is my first year as the event coordinator, and being part of the planning from the very beginning. But it is my 3rd TEDxUU as a volunteer for making the event to become a place and a day full of learnings and inspirational meetings with others and maybe, thanks to the talks, also within yourself!

I look so much forward to see all of you, guests and speakers, enjoy yourself in spaces that the TEDxUU team have created to open up for the type of meetings where the new idea is the very core and heart of the conversation. I also look so much forward to see you at the end of the night, getting ready to go home, with that smile on your face, inspired to make that small or huge step towards your goal, your change, your relationship or project. I think we can do amazing things if we listen and talk to each other, and share our ideas. Why not when we are on it, let our ideas, creativity and knowledge from different sectors solve parts of the global problems with starvation, climate changes extreme poverty, injustices? Why not?