Harmen and Isabelle

My name is Isabelle and I’m very happy to be on the TEDxUppsalaUniversity team! Me and Harmen are going to take care of the speakers and make sure that this will be an awesome day both for them and for the audience. When I’m not doing TEDx stuff I work at Statistics Sweden with R&D statistics. Yes, this means that I love nice charts, but that’s not my only interest. I also love trains, cats, psychology, dating shows on TV, cross country skiing and documentaries, preferable about relationships or religious sects.

That’s all for me now!

All the best, Isabelle

Harmen and Isabelle

Hi there! My name is Harmen, I’m 24 summers young, born and raised in the Netherlands and moved to Uppsala some ten months ago in the pursuit of Nordic excellence. I’m an evolutionary biology graduate student with a main interest in the development and secrets of the brain, but all science intrigues me. That’s where TED comes in; you can read textbooks and papers all you want but a theory is useless until it’s boiled down to a compact idea that can be spread from person to person and brain to brain.

Those ideas is what I’m after, as speaker curators Isabelle and I will make sure that you, the audience, will be enlightened by a wide variety of speakers and their ideas at this year’s TEDxUppsala. Through the open nomination in which YOU can nominate speakers for the event and some additional headhunting we hope to present you with an exhilarating program in which ideas are not just spread, but created as well.