Main Coordinator tasks – or how to make sure everything doesn’t fall apart

Hello! This is your main coordinator speaking. I just wanted to tell you that the journey towards TEDxUppsala 2016 has begun, and this is what it sound like:


“When do we need to know what venue to use? – Is the castle available? – Do you think we can get UKK? What date did we say? Maybe we want something a bit more low key? – Already got a main sponsor? NICE! – Does anyone know where the decoration from last year is stored? – How much can I spend on the new webpage? – OMG! Do you think person XYZ would like to come!? – Have you had time to talk to last years camera tema? – I want to make a promo movie! – Anyone knows how to use InDesign? – Everybody just sit still for five seconds so I can take a picture!”


I truly love this part of projects – when you can feel that something big is going to happen and the atmosphere is filled with visions, dreams and energy.

But in order to make use of this we need structure and that’s where I come into the picture. Everything that is awesome is built on hard work (“Work hard, play hard” like David Guetta sings) and that means that I’m currently struggling to get an overview of all of these visions and dreams, summarize them, tame them, and force them into well structured boxes in the shape of budgets, gantt schedules, and deadline lists.

This year my team has everything a main coordinator can ask for. The ideas and the “wouldn’t it be awesome if…”s keep coming in a pace that is as beautiful as it is hard to control, which means I know we’ll make it: we’ll create something worth remembering.

And you know what? The main coordinator would love you to join us on this journey, as a speaker (contact Speaker Team), sponsor ( contact Sponsor Team), volunteer ( fill out sign-up form) and last but not least: in the audience (sign-up for newsletter to be alerted when ticket application is open!