Harmen the Speaker Coordinator

Welcome back from vacation! Hope you had fun!

We continue to introduce our team members, with a little interview kinda thing.

Next up is Harmen, the organized.

Name: Harmen

Position: Speaker Coordinator

Mental age: 23,5

What is your favorite body part? The brain, it is the only body part that tries to understand itself.

Where’s Waldo? Behind you!

Which Spice Girl are you? Ginger Spice.

The best part of waking up: Knowing you can go back to sleep in 16 hours.

What is the weirdest language you heard being spoken? Swedish reggae; it sounds so right, but I can’t help to laugh when I hear it.

If you could learn to do anything overnight, what would it be? I’d learn how to speak every language there is to be able to discuss anything with anybody, anywhere.

If people look twice, what do they see in you? A mix-up of Charles Darwin and Captain Jack Sparrow.

Why TED? It is an amazing opportunity to connect people and have them conceive, share and create new Ideas worth spreading.

Hope we made you curious! If you feel that you need some more extensive information, you are welcome to contact Harmen here!