Bart the Tech Coordinator

We continue to introduce our team members, with a little interview kinda thing.

Next up is Bart, the professional.

Name: Bart

Position: Tech Coordinator

Mental age: 25

What is your favorite body part? Gut.

Where’s Waldo? No idea, but I think he has location service on, so just track him down.

Which Spice Girl are you? Ginger Spice.

The best part of waking up: Seeing TED-dy bear.

What is the weirdest language you heard being spoken? Ignorance.

If you could learn to do anything overnight, what would it be? I would learn to align thoughts, just enough to solve today’s pressing challenges without demotivating the risk-takers of this world.

If people look twice, what do they see in you? I like to think, a more accurate version of their initial finding.

Why TED? When done well, TED brings together everything I like about thought leadership packaged in razor-sharp messaging.

Hope we made you curious! If you feel that you need some more extensive information, you are welcome to contact Bart here!