Walid Al-Saqaf: A spirit of resilience could go a long way

A self-described Yemeni activist, Walid is a software engineer, the director of a master’s program in journalism at Örebro University, and has a research focus in internet censorship. He tells a story of how resilience has taken him on a remarkable journey and let him acquire unique experience. Through personal storytelling, Walid’s talk is centered around ‘Rising to the occasion and fighting for your ideals, and overcoming life’s difficulties through resilience’. Read more

Timothée Parrique: Revolutionising economics education

Timothée Parrique describes himself as an explorer in the field of economics, passionate about philosophy, and the history of ideas. In his mid-20s, Timothée is a course coordinator for The Global Economy – Environment, Development, and Globalisation at the Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS), a unique student-initiated and primarily student-led university center and meeting place for students, researchers, and teachers from Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Read more

Filippa Bergin: Resilient fund management

A sustainability expert that believes in the future, Filippa founded Invest in Change, a company that strives to provide a net positive impact on the world by analyzing investments into business models. With 15 years of experience within the field of sustainability (working with organizations including the World Health Organization, Amnesty International, and International Human Rights Law Group, to name a few) Filippa, a lawyer by training, Filippa conceptualizes resilience as “a new description of the economic world” in her talk at TEDxUppsalaUniversity 2013. Read more

Johan Rockström: Are we bankrupting nature?

Leading scientist of the global ‘planetary boundary’ research, Johan is the Executive Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre and a professor in Environmental Sciences at Stockholm University. Together with opinion leader and fellow TEDxUppsalaUniversity speaker Anders Wijkman, Johan has authored the book ‘Bankrupting Nature’. Given Johan’s decades of experience in sustainability, developmental and environmental research, and his outstanding analysis and forecasts of mankind’s development, his talk approaches the topic of ‘resilience’ from a scientific perspective. Read more

Anders Wijkman: How do we avoid bankrupting nature?

Opinion leader providing solutions to sustainability challenges, Anders is the Co-President of the Club of Rome and former member of the European Parliament. Throughout his career Wijkman has been deeply involved in issues such as climate change, environment and development. One of his projects involved the resilience to disasters such as floods and famines among the poorer population. Co-author of ‘Bankrupting Nature’, Johan elaborates on our habit of using nature as a mortgage in the pursuit for economic growth. Read more

Lina Thomsgård: Crowdsourcing gender equality

Lina Thomsgård is a PR consultant and founder of the social media innovation Rättviseförmedlingen (Equalisters), an award winning equality project involving 50 000 people spreading knowledge and bringing gender balance and norm breaking into media representation. Lina is also the PR manager at the the ad agency Forsman & Bodenfors, and a proud member of pop star Robyn’s Konichiwa Crew. In her non-profit commitment at Rättviseförmedlingen, Lina has spent more than three years organizing resilience, by using social media to transform frustration with gender inequalities into a positive force of change. Read more

Brian Palmer: Heroes we carry with us

Voted the university’s best lecturer at Harvard, Brian is a social anthropologist and scholar of religion at Uppsala University. Brian gathers wisdom from heroic lives and applies it to everyday questions of surviving as an idealist in an unforgiving world. What can our bravest contemporaries and fallen friends teach us about how to live? “When I lecture at high schools and universities, one of the most common reactions from students is tears. I sometimes wonder about why that is. I speak about persons who have risked their lives for strangers, and there is something about such individuals that touches us deeply” tells Palmer. Read more

Sven Heijbel: Happiness for lazy people

An entrepreneur and psychology student who is passionate about business development and happiness, Sven co-founded Wake Up Call, a company offering educational services, and strategy agency Global Focus. The core of his work the past six years has been to change people’s behaviors and attitudes. Additionally, Sven conducts individual coaching and together with his teammates in Global Focus, strategic counseling for businesses and organizations. Through stories of traveling and meeting people, Sven’s talk is focused on ideas and tools for building resilient happiness. Read more